vendredi 10 février 2012

Ambiance Salon revu by Guijobo

Zveki's création

Mise en scène des sofas et recoloration by Guijobo

 DOWNLOAD 4 patterns (textile sofa, mur, sol carelage, bois)

 DOWNLOAD Sofa by Zveki's

DOWNLOAD  10 Patterns by Guijobo 


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Aussie Karima a dit…

~ Hi, I was wondering were you got those curtains from, I have been looking for five weeks now & have only found the solid ones, I need the sheer!
~ If you know were they are from,could you please send a link to me:
~ Thank you so much, I love your rooms BTW & often look on them for inspiration!
~ Thank you Karima!(",)

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